Waterside Assist – Only $88 a Year!

If you want peace of mind whilst you are on the water, join up for our Waterside Assist program. Our Waterside Assist Membership is similar to that of a vehicle breakdown service. Your annual subscription of $88 includes the following benefits:

In breakdown or emergency situations, within our area of operation, enjoy up to 2 hours of towing (start of tow time taken from our Operations Base).

If you go boating between Bribie Island and Tweed Heads, you know you are in good hands and are covered by other VMR squadrons with your Waterside Assist membership.

Log On and Vessel Monitoring Services
When you venture out to sea during weekends and public holidays between the hours of 0600 and 1700 hrs, use our Log On and Log Off vessel monitoring service. If you have not returned by your advised time, we will try contacting you by radio or mobile phone and will advise the Water Police if you cannot be contacted.

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