Sandgate Yacht Club

Sandgate Yacht Club was established in 1912 and is located at Allpass Parade in Shorncliffe, on the northern banks of Cabbage Tree Creek. Regular races occur every second Sunday during the season and consist of Flying Fifteens and 505’s. Of course, we welcome any classes to join our regular racing. Races are typically held out the front of Nudgee Beach, just to the south of the Cabbage Tree Creek entrance. Starts are conducted from the MV Cape Moreton with the assistance of a rescue boat.

The drowning of two sailors from a capsized boat competing in an ad hoc event on 11 November 1911 near the mouth of the Brisbane River initiated community action and a public meeting. The Sandgate Yacht Club was formed to formalise sailing on Bramble Bay. Sandgate Yacht Club, founded on the 14th February 1912 is the oldest established boating club in Sandgate and one of the oldest sailing clubs in Queensland. Since inception the Sandgate Yacht Club has provided a saftey and rescue operation – underpinning the existence of the Club is the safety of sailors and community members.

Sandgate Yacht Club conducts sail training, coaching and events, fosters sailing skill, seamanship and trains crews to compete in state, national and international regattas. The club has introduced many young sailors to the sport and provides cost free sail training. Club Members join with other sailors in enabling persons who have disability to gain sailing skills and enjoyable experiences on the water.

Since 1912 the Club has reconfigured and reconstituted in response to the operation environment. In 1965 Sandgate Yacht Club amalgamated with the Sandgate 16 Foot Skiff Club (founded in 1944), to form the Sandgate Sailing Club. The Sandgate Sailing Club, renamed the Sandgate Yacht Club in 1969, provided for sail and power boating, and sea rescue which became Sandgate Air Sea Rescue Inc on 26 February 1987 that was renamed Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane (VMRB). The demerger of activities saw the re-establishment of the Sandgate Yacht Club that was incorporated on 21st of April 1988.

Club fleet sails on Bramble Bay from the mouth of Cabbage Tree Creek at Shorncliffe – the Bay area extending from the mouth of the Brisbane River, fronting the Brisbane Airport, Brisbane Airport Floodway (Schultz Canal) Nudgee Beach, Shorncliffe, Sandgate, Brighton and extending to Woody point.

Sandgate Yacht Club has a sound working relationship with its Cabbage Tree Creek bank neighbours – Brownsea Sea Scouts, Naval Cadets, Queensland Cruising Yacht Club, and is closely related with the Sandgate Canoe Club and Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane.

Sandgate Yacht Club also has relationships with local schools, TAFE and community organisations that extend beyond Shorncliffe to kindred clubs, and other community organisations, e.g. exhibits provided by members to the Queensland Maritime Museum – fully rigged Linton Hope Rater `Miss Sandgate’ and half model of the Nip Thorpe Trainee Dingy `Eileen Too’.

Sandgate Yacht Club has its own Starter’s Boat, the MV Cape Moreton. The MV Cape Moreton is a 56 man life boat of the same design found on the MV Cape Moreton. It is powered by a 13hp Lister Diesel Engine. The boat was recovered by Sandgate Yacht Club and restored as a starters boat. SYC also has it’s own Safety and Rescue boat – FIL is a 7 metre centre console FRP Javelin Long Boat powered by a 50hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard used by club officials for sailing events, canoeing events. It is also made available when necessary to complement the Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane’s rescue operations. Boats are maintained by Members and through community sponsorships.

In partnership with Volunteer Marine Rescue Brisbane, the club conducts events which local schools and the community is invited such as opening of the boating season and blessing of the fleet.

Sandgate Yacht Club has hosted events including the Head of the Bay for Yachting Queensland, Queensland Championship in the early days for the Linton Hope Raters, Queensland and Australian Championships for the International 12 Square Metre Sharpies 1957/58 and the Australian Lightweight Sharpie Class 1975/79, and more recently the Queensland Championships for the International Flying Fifteen and the International 505 classes.

In September 2005 Sandgate Yacht Club hosted the Nip Thorpe Trainee Crews get-together. The Nip Thorpe Trainee, introduced in the early 1930’s was sailed at all clubs along the Queensland coast including Sandgate Yacht Club from the 1943/44 season to the mid 1950’s. Approximately 400 sailors travelled from overseas, interstate and from Queensland cities to the get-together – including sailors that became Olympic Gold Medal winners, World, Australian and State Champions.

For more information on the Sandgate Yacht Club, race schedules or how to join, please click on Sandgate Yacht Club.

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