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When leaving your port, you should call your local marine rescue organisation to Log On. This in turn will become your radio check also. Our Operations Centre Radio Room is manned from 0600 hrs to 1700 hrs every weekend and public holiday. During these hours we monitor the following radio frequencies:

Radio TypeEmergency ChannelGeneral Channel
VHF1667, 73, 81 and 21
27 Mhz8891

Alternatively to log on or off, please call 07 3269 8888 from your mobile.

Log On Information Required

• Vessel Registration Number and/or Name of Vessel
• Number of people on board (POB)
• Mobile Phone Number
• Departure Point and Destination

If staying out overnight, please request to be placed on the overnight log.

How to Log On/Off

When you Log On or Log Off, repeat the information that you wish to convey three times and speak slowly and concisely. A mock script is below for anyone new to boating:

You: Marine Rescue Brisbane, Marine Rescue Brisbane, Marine Rescue Brisbane, this is the Cod Father, Cod Father, Cod Father on 67, 67, 67. Over.

VMRB: Cod Father, Cod Father, Cod Father, this is Marine Rescue Brisbane, Marine Rescue Brisbane, Marine Rescue Brisbane on 67. Over. (or Go Ahead).

You: Marine Rescue Brisbane, can you please do a radio check and log us on? We are departing Cabbage Tree Creek, heading to the northern side of Mud Island. We have 5 POB, our ETR (Estimated Time of Return) is 1500 hrs and my mobile number is 0402 781 387. Over.

VMRB: Cod Father, you are coming over loud and clear on 67. I have logged you on. You are heading to Mud Island Northern side, 5 POB, ETR 1500 hrs and mobile 0402 781 387.

You: Thank you Marine Rescue Brisbane. Out.

VMRB: Marine Rescue Brisbane. Out

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